Resting Bitch Personality

When I have no problem with saying shit exactly how it is, being confident with who I am, or the fact I have a slight dislike for children and sometimes don’t filter exactly what I say; well it is commonly mistaken as being a bitch or having a bitchy personality.

I can only speak for myself, but could guarantee that others may agree we do mean to portray this ‘personality’ and generally speaking we are really nice sweet people. But when someone has to choose between the super nice girl, and the one who seems she is about to bite you, well my guess is that you chose that super nice girl. Now there is nothing wrong with this decision, but what I can say is the one who looks like she will bite, is also as equally nice just give her a chance to warm up to you.

I previously had a partner, who after seeing me with a friend’s son just having fun, yes being NICE and PLAYFUL confessed on the drive home that he was in love with me, what does this say right?

Finished my vent/rank whatever you wish to call this, but for monster’s sake give the bitchy personality a chance, might just be the best decision you will ever make, and if not you will have a darn good story to tell afterwards.

Stay Beautiful Xx Sorry for the delayed post!

Machine Head Gig Makeup


Summer body, pfff I create the winter body!

With the weather cool enough that when I go for a run, I don’t look like a small man-child dying of heat exhaustion, with sweat plastered hair sticking in places that just do not feel good…

Honestly I feel like one of those fitness models on the covers of Health Magazine, I feel cool enough to be apart of that secret club every gym has, the one where the girls look like they have just stepped away from a photo shoot, not that they have been working out!

Making myself accountable, I have already shredded 1kg from my 82kg frame, and this year’s winter goal is to hit the 70kg mark!!

Stay Beautiful


Music & Beer

Sitting patiently waiting for my date to arrive, the condensation dripping off of the beer I’ve ordered and the music mellow in the background, as I look up I make eye contact with the musician, noticing how well dressed he is and then wondering again what his like under those clothes! 

This has be re thinking what do I look for in a date, would I like someone who is talented or is the regular guy just okay? 

I catch his eye again and slowly clap when he finishes his song, the smile of appreciation says it all… 

But I am bias as anyone who can play and sing is rather attractive in my eyes! 
Stay Beautiful 


Writers Block

Writers block, the amount of typed and re-typed material I have produced this week is ridiculous, I’ve got a billion ideas but once I start typing that idea then fades and another introduces it’s self, thanks brain how considerate of you! (so many drafts saved).

Like this week I was visiting my favourite coffee nook and wanted to share with you guys, how much I adore spending my time there, and how I always look at the menu but never fail to order the same thing as every other time, and why we’ll it feels comfortable to have a routine in a crazy world. Or even the library, where I spent oh so much of my childhood! Spending countless hours pouring over the various books I had borrowed, then using Nana’s Library Card because I had already checked out the allocated number allowed on my own card. Oh and the smell, if I could bottle the old book smell I would! And what is with Library’s these day’s everything is electronically logged, I used to find it fun to see how many others before me had borrowed the same book!

Then back to writers block, poof all other idea’s again disappearing, thanks brain so productive! Stay Beautiful Xx

Eat clean, Live healthy

Eat Clean, Live Healthy
..We do not listen..

Time to make myself accountable, after another excessively high calorie day!

We all know breakfast plays an important part in starting the day; today I did not have breakfast and with no nutrition my body does not respond well, I felt lethargic and unmotivated.

Lunch is next on the menu, after deciding on Sushi I instantly felt guilty. Not only was it spending more money, but it’s not exactly healthy, I felt increasingly anxious about my decision and put mental pressure on myself.

Now you would think that after lunch I would think twice about the rest of my day! Instead I had noodles, tomorrow I will be stocking up on fruit and vegetables and throwing out the remaining noodles. 

This brings us to the present, I could have cooked myself a healthy dinner instead I was tired (thanks to earlier food choices) and ordered pepperoni pizza, garlic bread and a diet coke.

After my day filled with junk, my body now craves a big plate of greens! Now that I have come to my senses, I am making myself accountable, I won’t be abusing my body again anytime soon, tomorrow will start with a healthy breakfast.

Stay Beautiful

Eat, Sleep, Play Football…


Free ticket, thank you luck!


Roar Vs Urawa

Being the luckiest unlucky person really has its perks!

Whilst in line to purchase my ticket for tonights football match Roar Vs Urawa a gentleman approaches me, offering a free ticket (club representative). Honestly better way to spend my Tuesday evening, I think not!
Football, food, free ticket and spending time with a friend, what a great start to an otherwise busy week!

Stay Beautiful


Waking up to the smell of rain, shivering slightly as I withdrew back under my covers no way did I wish to move from my bed in this weather, but I knew I must as I had a rather busy day ahead of me. First up the dreaded doctors appointment, last week I went for my scans and now it was time to find out the results, nothing more than a precautionary checkup but one never knows! My doctor was slightly flustered running more than an hour behind, I do not blame him poor thing has some delay with his transport and in this weather that is not fun, the good news though is my results where clean and clear!

With the morning out of the way and nothing else until this afternoon, my busy day has transformed into the kind of day I wished for whilst rugged up in bed earlier this morning. A tea set filled with Chai and a pitcher of soy on the side, I am content casually writing, blogging and applying for jobs, my view overlooking the fog covered mountains, as rain drips down the windows slowly almost in a trance like state. The smell of the forest mixed with the warmth of the fire-place crackling behind me, feeling worlds away, only a drive back down the mountain brings me back to the city and home.

I feel at ease here, with daily life slowly melting away no worries, no stress, just the calming effects of nature.

Stay Beautiful



Look beyond veils to discover women of substance

What a beautiful read, with the 1st of February dually noted in my 2016 planner I will be honoured to partake in the global invite and shall keep everyone updated with photos.

Stay Beautiful



Rehana Bibi deep in contemplation Rehana Bibi, editor-in-chief of Australian Muslim Times and co-conspirator in an interesting experiment on World Hijab Day with Trina McLellan. Picture: Facebook

What is it like to wear a hijab, the veil covering so widely worn by devout Muslim women?

I’ve asked a friend this question on more than one occasion, along with: Isn’t it hot in warm weather? Doesn’t it constrict your movement? How do you keep it in place, especially in the wind? What’s its purpose? Do you feel obvious in it if you are in an unfamiliar place? Do you wear it day and night? How do you react to accusations of oppression or to media or publicly aired suspicions, speculation or insults about women who wear the hijab?

You know, the sort of sticky beak inquisition that journalists are apt to launch into with little hesitation.

My friend is a modern, working, well-educated mum with three youngsters…

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Hello World

Good Morning Beautiful,

When I originally started this blog, it was a coping mechanism giving me something to do daily, creativity, exploring my mind and a form of release; slowly I lost track though and got caught up in life, I forgot to blog and never finished drafts, I even stopped writing.

Anxiety is rarely talked about from my experience, prior to my first attack I had the common belief  that people with anxiety must be seeking attention, how can someone have no control their mind; well let me tell you what a load of shit, absolute steaming pile of it! The scariest part is it can happen to anyone, and yes they do have control but sometimes that fight or flight response is just a little out of whack.

Being thankful to my stubborn nature and refusing to accept that medication was the only fix! One can gain back control of their life. I am in control of my body and yes I really do have a say with what goes on and no I am not going to accept being medicated daily, living life in a perpetual cloud is not for me, no thank you!

Where to from here, well I’m back looking for work and studying online for something to do in the meantime, daily I exercise and have a to do list to keep me on track and if all else fails well the beach is a 5 minute drive from my house.

Stay Beautiful 



The wonderful place that the world is.

The wonderful place that the world is, everyday there is new life being created and old life ceasing to exist, it is a fascinating concept that one day we will no longer be around and what have you done with your life, did you leave a footprint behind?
Do you ever have nights where you toss and turn in bed, the thoughts of what am I doing with my life riddling your sleep, similar to flees on a dog. Considering the possibilities of ceasing to exist for just one day,  to see what life would look like to others without you around..

Now I am not saying by any means that my writings today are about suicidal tendencies for myself, but have you asked those around you if they are OKAY? This is a message to open ones senses, maybe someone is not OKAY when they say they are, maybe just maybe they’re terrified about the footprint they may not leave.

Stay Beautiful 
X x